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August 15th Wishes in Hindi English Telugu Download Quotes: Independence Day 15th August 2024. On August 15 we are celebrating the nation’s 74th Independence. On the same day in 1947 august 15, we got liberated from the British to be a free and independent nation. Celebrate the day by wishing your friends (a happy Independence day wishes India). From then on this day annually we celebrate the day as a symbol of victory over the British.

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How did India get Independence? An overview.

¬†Knowing about how we got independence, it’s a long struggle. Earlier British authority was not entered directly, but step by step they tightened the grip. First the British entered Indian territory in the form of colonists, established an east India company, and got exclusive rights to do business.

later with the gain of financial power they overpowered to control the political power, at that time kings were ruling by supporting some of them they entered into a pivot position, later they participated in a war against other kings to capture the territory as India is a resource-rich country.

Later when they occupied much of the territory of India, at the same time the industrial revolution taking place, then they colonized India by taking raw materials for cheap and sending them to their country and bringing back finished products destroying the local markets mainly the textile industry and handicrafts in which our nation has immense potential and famous all over the world. Here are happy independence day wishes in English.

These are some of the socio-economic reasons. And whoever questioned they were arrested and in prison for many years, acting like the Rowlatt act which is brutal in nature. Later Knowing the fact that they are many movements, the first remembered ‘ revolt of 1857’ sepoy mutiny, Indian¬† National Congress-led movements started freedom struggle after years of struggle and pain India got its independence.

This is the overview of our freedom struggle. I hope you gained much more information from this writing happy independence day 2024 wishes.

August 15th Wishes Happy Independence day

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