Happy Independence Day Images for Whatsapp Status Download India Flag Pics


Happy Independence Day Images for Whatsapp Status Download India Flag Pics: Independence Day, 2024 India, the largest democracy in the world ready to celebrate the 74th Independence day on the 15th of August 2024. We celebrate this day as independence day because on this same day on Aug 15th 1947, we got complete independence from the British through which judicial authority was handed over to the Indian cabinet by the act ‘ Indian independence act, 1947. We celebrate the day by greeting the beloved ones so wish them Download Happy Independence Day wishes Images in Telugu, Happy Independence Day 2024 Whatsapp Status Images Download here India Flag Hosting Photos HD.

How is Independence Celebrated in India?

We commemorate this day to honour our nation by remembering national leaders who fought against the British, many of them get killed or prisoners who oppose the British. The Prime minister of India visits the red fort in New Delhi capital city of India paying tribute to martyrs and national leaders who lost their lives for our nation. And hoist the tricolour national flag singing the national song Vande Mataram which was written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Here you can get pictures relating to Happy Independence Day Images Download Pandragust Images in India.

Happy Independence Day Images for Whatsapp Status

Respecting the nation’s military perform march past and show strength in them by doing different fleets, and stunts. Later there will be a display of military equipment or war equipment. Later the Air force will perform a certain fleet in the sky with planes all-over, displaying the colours of our tricolour National flag in the sky. 

Schools and colleges celebrate the day by decorating the surroundings, performing marches past, conducting competitions among students like essay writings, games, speeches reiterating the personality of our freedom fighters, their qualities, and cultural programmes conducted and get rewarded. And the end of the occasion distribution of sweets to remember the memorable day Wishes for Happy Independence Day

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