Why Everyone Should Study Computer Science? What’s the Importance


Why everyone should study computer science? What’s the Importance: In an era where each and every work is computerized and everything is technology-oriented, it is extremely important for students to study computer science. It is high time that schools, colleges, and other educational institutions include computer science as a mandatory subject to be studied by each and every student. Why everyone should study computer science? What’s the Importance Many boards do not have the subject available in schools due to the lack of funds and the availability of computers in schools. But it should be realized that the subject of computer science is as important and is a basic need as any other subject such as Maths, Science and languages. One can also enrol in a computer science course and can search for SOP for MS in CS online. The subject is very much interesting and would be helpful in the daily life of the student.

Why Everyone Should Study Computer Science?

The computer is involved in all spheres of work and study at present. Even major calculations are not done manually today. One does not need to know the formula or calculate attentively, they just need to know the function in the computer to do so and enter the figures, the computer would do the rest. Even for future growth in a certain subject, a person needs to have proper knowledge of computers. In every field from economists to archaeologists and from physicists to musicians, everyone needs to use computers for their various functions and uses. Artists also use them for preparing digital images and photographers for editing their pictures. Various applications and programs are available for all these which make the work very much easy and convenient for the professionals. 

The basic knowledge of computers is very important nowadays. In every sphere of life, computation has somewhere become mandatory. Do you want to withdraw money? Use computerized vending machines. Do you want to know your available account balance? Use computerized passbook updating machines. With digitization coming, it is even more important to learn about computers. The technology is progressing very rapidly and if the basics are not clear to a person, they can’t understand the advanced versions of the technology. 

Today, even education has become computerized. Students do not have to come to schools, colleges, or educational institutions. They are sent videos and course materials online which they have to read on computers or laptops at their own convenience at their own homes. For sending these videos and presentations, teachers also need to be well qualified about computers. Being unaware of computers means almost being unknown to the other side of the world. There are several things that a person can learn from computers such as online courses through various applications and videos available online. Not knowing computers means completely losing the opportunity to learn more and get introduced to a piece of completely different knowledge.

Even most of the jobs nowadays want to employ people who have done courses on computers or who had computers in their elementary school. Most of the jobs are now computerized and the people doing them need knowledge of computers. Jobs like banking, receptionist and even call centre need computer knowledge. Thus, we can see that it hardly matters what job a person wants to take up, knowledge of computers is a must. Moreover, computer science is a course that would be helpful to the student not only for studies and jobs but it would also help the student to discover something new and open up mind.

Even after all this, it can be suggested that the subject might not be made mandatory for the students as it should be their choice whether they want to study the subject or not but the option should be available to every student. The students who want to learn computers and stay updated should not miss their chance of educating themselves and being more acceptable in the job market. Knowledge of computers would make you much more wanted in the job market and you would always have a competitive advantage over those who don’t have any certified course done for the same. We live in a society where certificates and scores are given much more important than knowledge and if we have to survive in this society then we should be well prepared for the same. 


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