What After 10th Standard & Future Aspects for SSC Pass/Fail


What after 10th standard Future aspects for 10th class in 2022: As 10th results were out, the common question that arises in every student’s mind is that ‘What’s next? Arts, Science or Commerce? This is a common situation most students face. And in any field, there were plenty of career opportunities but choosing the right stream which locates you in a tactical position and that too in which you are interested should be the main concern. As you notice This is going to be your decision according to your career and for pursuing higher studies. Here you have to choose a stream of your choice base on few aspects What After 10th Standard.

[1] which subject you are interested in

[2] which subject has demand in the market for good career opportunities

[3] knowing the emerging subjects in demand were less competition so more chances of success.

The choices available are mainly: Science, commerce, arts, and diploma courses. You have to choose a stream between Arts, Humanities, Commerce or Science. Humanities relate to the languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, etc.. and the arts stream relates to subjects such as geography, civics, history, and art. Science relates to Maths, chemistry, physics, and biology. Commerce contains subjects related to economy and business they have subjects like, finance, accounts, economics, business studies, And these subjects are nothing new but which you have might study till 10th. What After 10th Standard And why it’s crucial because the next step as your standard going to increase you have to choose between the above-defined streams shortly specialization in any of the specified streams. And the student who want to learn courses other than this after completing their  10th standard, such students can make their career for diploma courses by which you can get professional training and qualifications shortly skill-based professional courses which will take time period around 12-18 months to complete the training.

What After 10th Standard & Choosing Stream After SSC

Mistakes you make while choosing a stream. learning from mistakes if we know where students usually do mistakes we try to rectify them which helps us to choose the best possible stream that suits us. so, here a try to make you know.

  • Following the peer group or friends – This is one of the most common mistakes which most of the students unknowingly make. Many students just take up any stream because their friends have decided to take that stream. This can turn out to be the worst decision of their lives. It is necessary that you chose the stream which you are most passionate about rather than doing what most of the students are doing.
  • Societal pressure – usually society tends to What After 10th Standard drive their everyone towards the streams which are in demand or having a market but not what a child individually interested upon If a child wants to take up Arts stream but people say that there is no future in the Arts stream and suggest you better to take science which is a standard choice where masses follow and choosing some which you are not aspiring you will later bring you great trouble. Parents have to know the interest of their children so that they will be happy while enjoying while learning.
  • Lack of knowledge while choosing – There are abundant career options after 10th. unlike earlier where there were very few options but now many career options available and with the right career guidance and career counseling, you can see a bright future in front of you.

Career Options After 10th Standard (Matriculation)


Science is the most chosen career option for most parents and students. The Science stream has highly demanded career options such as engineering, IT, medical and you can even pursue further higher studies(10th,12th, graduation, masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. The advantage of taking the science stream is, that it keeps you more options if you switch from science to arts or science to commerce. Unlike other streams which are not possible. Opting science stream will make you an expert in problem-solving. Science and math having a strong foundation that enables students eligible for highly respected and well-paid jobs.

Who should take science after the 10th?

If technology fascinates you and you have a flair for numbers, then taking science after 10th would be a wise option. You can opt for Physics, Chemistry, Maths (PCM). If you want to make a mark for yourself in the medical field, you can opt for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology (PCM-B). Now there are many students who don’t like Maths. Either they are afraid of Maths or Maths doesn’t interest them. Don’t worry, if you want to become a doctor, then knowing Maths is not necessary. You can easily opt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB).

There are multiple career options available for the science stream after the 10th class. If you have any doubts regarding what after 10th you can visit https://www.indianbooklet.com/ where you can give feedback or ask queries. Career counseling really helps you in choosing the right career stream.


Commerce is the second most popular career option after science. If you love numbers, finances, economics, etc., then finance is the best option for you. It offers a wider variety of career options such as Chartered Accountants, MBA, investment in banking sectors, etc. You acquire commercial knowledge which is very important for the business. You have to be familiar with the subjects such as Accountancy, Finance, Economics, etc. Candidates must be good with numbers, data and have a curiosity in Finance, economics. Commerce as a subject is gaining popularity in India and many students are studying and making a living out of it.

Who should prefer commerce after the 10th?

If you are good with numbers and want to prefer business and economics then commerce is the right career for you. There are a number of options available for the commerce stream after the 10th class. If you have any queries regarding your career choices a better option for you to consult an expert. Proper career guidance is necessary after 10th class to move towards success path.


Nowadays arts and humanities are highly in demand and the number of students opting for them increases rapidly. Arts has emerging career choices and career opportunities. It offers many attractive career options such as languages, Journalism, psychology, history, etc. Design, Language studies, theatre arts, Humanities are demanded career options. Quality of Arts is to encourage self-expression and creativity. Students who choose art stream which helps knowing society in-depth and can improve qualities such as leadership. Art which will teach you how to deal with the world around you a quote.

Who should prefer Arts What After 10th Standard?

If you are most interested in creativity and want to want too much more in-depth about society, the arts is the stream for you. There are abundant options available for the Arts stream after the 10th standard. If you have any queries you should prefer career counseling. career counseling will make you aware guide you in the right direction. These are the few good career options which you can choose.

Information regarding courses and their time period.

I hope you got the point and should not get hurry in taking decisions or worrying about but having knowledge on what you above to perceive makes the difference. these are the standard and time period for the specified course.

  1. Intermediate(2years) – After completion of the 12th standard, you can select subject groups such as M.P.C, BI.P.C, C.E.C, M.BI.P.C, Commerce with Maths or without Maths. and after completion of the 12th standard, you can graduate in multiple disciplines based on the subject you have selected.
  2. Polytechnic (2years)– After the 10th standard, you can choose technical courses like polytechnic, Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Automobile, and Chemicals. These diploma courses have a duration of mostly 2years.
  3. ITI (Industrial Training Institutes ) duration – After the 10th standard, students can opt for ITI  for courses such as electrical and Mechanical.
  4. Paramedical – After 10th class, students choose paramedic courses(healthcare) like MLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) where you can become a competent healthcare analyst.

Right guidance and career advice at the right time can drive you towards your aspirations. It is very important to consult an expert in the field for a greater understanding of which chooses you and fits in society. A career advisor can help you decide what to choose. An expert like him will analyze your strength, passion, and interest. And can suggest your most suitable career path.


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