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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2nd, 1869 at Porbandar, He studied in a school at Rajkot. He went to England to become a Barrister( Lawyer). He went to South Africa and Started Practicing law. Mahatma Ji protested against the injustice and Harsh treatment given to the Indians by the government there. 2nd October Gandhi HD image downloads Online Now. He fought for the right of the Indian people in South Africa and Won Some Reform from that government. Here we provide the Mahatma Gandhiji Full HD Photos and Images with Speech Essay for the Children’s Reference. Download the Mahatma Gandhi Full Photo Wallpaper and Quotes on the Occasion of the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi.

Mahatma Gandhi Speech & Introduction

Gandhiji returned to India in 1915 and became the leader of India’s struggle for freedom. He united the people. He gave us the weapons of Satyagraha and Non-Co operation. Gandhiji taught us the principles of truth and non-violence ( Ahimsa). He fasted as a way of Fighting against Social Evils in India. Gandhi Ji Fought hard to root out poverty and uncountability. He tried to unite Hindus and Muslims. Download the Mahatma Gandhi Full HD Pics For Free of Cost online.

Mahatma Gandhi Family Photos

It was through his great efforts that India won Independence from the British Government. Unfortunately, he was assassinated on January 30th, 1948. He lived and died for truth, Justice, Peace, and Muslims. Gandhiji Photos Childhood or Mahatma Gandhi Family Photos with Gandhiji Photo Drawing & Original Photo

We all honor him by calling him the Father of the Nation and Mahatma A great Soul his teachings will continue to inspire us in the Future.

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The Photo of Mahatma Gandhiji describes when they are doing the LLB in England. Most of the Indian Freedom Fighters are completed the LLB in India.

Mahatma Gandhi Family Photos


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