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Lord Shiv Ji is one of the most Important Part the role played in Indian Ethical Worship. Hindus treat Lord Shiva as an Ultimate and Final Goddess of the Others. The Origin of the Ethics begins from the Gods and making part of it is Lord Shiva. Plenty of the Names For Lord Shiva called Sankar Ji, Bolenath, …etc. When we come to the Family of Shiva Ji has two sons One is Ganesh Ji and Another is Kumara Swami. Maha Shivratri is a great night of Shiva in the Hindu Festival celebrated by India as well as Nepal. The Festival of the Shiva is going to be celebrated by the Hindu People.

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There are many reasons to celebrate Maha Shivratri. One of the reasons is one day the world in the position of destruction listens to the prayer of the Public and save the earth from Destruction. One more reason is Lord Shiva Ji Keeps the Poison in the Throat for the people’s welfare. From the day onwards people are used to praying the Maha Shivratri worshipping shiva with great enthusiasm.

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Lord Shiva Images HD 1080P

If you observe the above picture of the lord shiva Ji with a beautiful face and small smile good colors and background around the face of Shankar Ji. Very long hair with closed eyes and a third eye in the middle of the face with peace of mind.

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Goddess shiva Ji is sitting on the Himalayas withholding the weapons and instruments in the hand. the Shankar ji sitting On the Tiger skin.

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Lord Shiva Ji is looking with two different shades one side is covered with heavy dark lighting cover and another side is covered with peace of light colours. If you observe the two sides one is shiva Ji and another one is private Mata Ji.

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