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Lord Ganesh Chaturthi Whatsapp Status Images & History of Vinayaka Chaturthi: Lord Ganesh is known to be a symbol of knowledge and human intellect, having the face of an elephant and a large stomach. he is the son of lord shiva and Parvathi, having a small brother named Kumaraswamy. He has a vehicle too that is ‘mouse’ which signifies that even small organisms in the world have importance. He is often called as Ganadipathi (Ganesh, the great).

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Why do we celebrate the festival ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ it is interesting to know, soon getting into the story earlier there was a king called Gajasura, a powerful king and devotee of lord shiva, whenever he wants he can turn his face into elephant face.

Lord Ganesh Chaturthi Whatsapp Status Images

Once, he started the penance for lord shiva, when shiva appeared and gave a boon, Gajasura asked him to stay in his stomach forever, Shiva granted. Annoyed by this goddess Parvati prayed to his brother Vishnu to bring back Lord shiva.

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Lord Vishnu assured her to bring Shiva back to Kailash where Shiva resides. Then Vishnu in the form of an artist with Nandi vehicle of shiva went and impressed Gajasura and got a promise, so soon Vishnu asked him to send back shiva from his stomach, gajasura knowing that he is none other than Lord Vishnu and agreed happily by one condition that he should get prayers beside the shiva.

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Goddess Parvati knowing that Shiva would arrive when for a bath and there she made an idol of a human child with sandalwood which she bathed with and gave life to it. And told to guard and instructed not to allow anyone till she came back. Then shiva arrived, he won’t allow shiva to step in. Angered by Shiva cut off his head.

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Later he knows that he is their son and gives a promise to Parvati that he will bring him back alive. And ordered soldiers to take the head of the first animal facing towards the north direction and they found the elephant head, attached that head to the body and named him after as’ Vinayaka’.

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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for a period of 9days and for these nine days idol has been placed in the mandapa. Idols are made of different texture some of sand and of different size and grandly celebrated by doing prayers, placing the at most food liked by lord Ganesha ‘Undrallu’ which a recipe made of rice flour and there are other 21 items, which the digit 21 liked by Ganesha. and after these 9days Ganesh idol gets disposed into the nearby lake or sea with a grand sendoff.

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Most people have a belief that not to see the moon which makes them responsible for other’s mistakes. students keep their books in front of the idol and get blessed with knowledge. This is the story of why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

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