JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R 19 2024 ECE Materials


JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R 19 ECE Materials: Hello Aspirants are you the Candidates who are the Aspirants of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK), Wards who are Pursuing their Engineering Course B.Tech in the JNTUK have been attempting the Semester System, since back end onwards. Applicants who are pursuing their M. Tech, B. Tech, & other courses have eagerly started preparing for the Exam, and have a guideline for the preparation of the Exam. Most Aspirants have a timetable for preparation for the Exam. Different applicants have different ways for the preparation for the Exam some may use Guide. The topmost guide for all the B.Tech Candidates is Spectrum. Wards who want to read or are ready to read all the subjects can download The JNTUK B. Tech 2-1 Sem R 19 E.CE Material must refer to the below page.

In the below post, we are getting the Complete Full-fledged Information in relation to the JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Semester Exam. Wards who want to download JNTUK B. Tech Sem R 19 Exam Results 2024 must refer to the below page.

JNTUK B.Tech 2-1 Sem R19 ECE Materials

Wards are you the Applicants who want to crack the JNTUK Semester Exam Then here is the Result for your search Candidates who want to Download, the JNTUK B. Tech R 19, Semester Exam Candidates need a high range of preparation for their Exam. So Aspirants who want to download JNTUK B. Tech 2-1 Sem Study Material must refer to the below page. As per our opinion, the Guides which are provided, in below are provided below. For candidates who are supply-based Contenders, The study materials are very useful to such Applicants Wards who want to Download the B.Tech ECE Study Material subject-wise, must refer to the below page. Getting the Each Subject PDF is an easy way for the Wards who want to prepare very sincerely for the Exam.

JNTUK ECE Material Subject-wise PDF   

S.No  Courses  Credits 
1 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3
2 Switching Theory & Logic Design 3
3 Signals & systems 3
4 Random Variables & Stochastic Process 3
5 Object-Oriented Programming through Java 3
6 Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis 3
7 Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab 1.5
8 Switching Theory & Logic Design Lab 1.5
9 Constitution of India 0
Total 21

Steps To Download JNTUK ECE Material 

  • Firstly Candidates Can log in to the Official website jntuk.ac.in
  • On the Home page, Applicants must refer to the JNTUK Different Course Details
  • Then In The below wards must Click on The Download Study Material Link
  • Click On Submit Button
  • Then Download The Material, & prepare for the Exam.

Subject Wise Text Books & Their References

Switching Theory & Logic Design 

TEXT Books:

1 Switching and Finite automate Theory Zvi.kohavi, Niraja

2 Digital Design by M. Marris Mano Michael D Cietti 4th Edition PHI Publication 2008

3 Switching theory & Login Design by Hills & Peterson MC Graw Hill TMH Edition 2012.


1 Fundamental & of Login Design by Charles H. Roath jr Jaico Publication 2006

Digital Electronics by R.S Saha S. Chand & Company 2010

Switching Theory & Logic Design by aA. Anna Kumar, PHL Learning Pvt Ltd 2016

Digital Logic Applications & Design by John M. Yarbough, Chegage Learning 2006

5 TTL 74-Series DataBase

Signals & Systems 

Text Books 

1 Signals, System Communications BP Lathi, B.S Publications 2003

2 Signals & Systems AV Oppenheim, A.S Wilsky SH Nawab PHl 2nd Edition 1997.

3 Signals & Systems Siman Haykin & Varn Veen, Wiley, 2nd Edition 2007

Reference Books: 

1 Principal of Linear Systems & Signals BP Lathi, Oxford University Press 2015

2 Signals & Systems  TK Rawat Oxford University Press 2011

Random Variables & Stochastic Process 

1 Probability Random Variables & Random Signal Principles, Peyton z. Peebles, TMH 4th Edition 2024.

2 Probability Random Variables & Stochastic Process, Athanasian, Populisand S. Unikrisha, PHL 4th Edition.

3 Probability Random Process with Applications to Signal Processing Henry stark and John W. Woods Pearson Education 3rd Edition 2001


1  Schaum outline or Probability, Random Variables, and Random Process.

2 An Introduction To Random Signals and Communication BP Lathi.

3 Probability Theory and Random Process P Ramesh Babu

Object-Oriented Programming Through Java 

Text Books: 

1 Introduction to Java Programming (Comprehensive Version), Danial Liang, 7th Edition, Pearson.

2 Programming in Java, Sachin Malhotra & Saurabh Chaudhary Oxford University Press.

Reference Books: 

1 Care Java Volume 1 Fundamentals 8th Edition Hartman & Cornell, Pearson

2 The Complete Java Reference 2 4th Edition Herbert s child TMH.

3 Java Programming D.S Malik Cengage Learning

Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis 

Text Books: 

1 AR Aryasri Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis The MC Grow -Hill Companies.


1 Varshney RL, KL, Maheswari, Managerial Economics S Chand Company Ltd.

2 JL Pappas and EF Brigham, Managerial Economics, Halt, R&W New Edition.

3 NP Srinivasan & M Sathivel Morgan, Accounting For Management S Chand & Company Ltd.

4 V. Maheswari, Managerial Economics S Chand &  Company Ltd.

5 I.M Pandey Financial Management Vikas Publishing House PVT Ltd.

6 Maheswari S.N An Introduction to Accountancy, Vikas Publishing House PVT Ltd.

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