History of Raksha Bandhan between Brother & Sister


History of Raksha Bandhan between Brother & Sister: In Indian culture and tradition, there were many festivals which were diversely celebrated among them the most popular Raksha Bandhan. This festival is celebrated every year by the end of Shrwana, the bond of protection and care. Irrespective of bondage everyone has the chance to fulfil the relation of brother and sister. According to this tradition sister ties ‘Rakhi’ to her brother and give arti for his well-being and in return, brother takes a vow to protect and guide her for the rest of her life. As nowadays there are more of nuclear families rather than joint families, in urban cities Raksha Bandhan very popularly celebrated.

It is interesting to know the history of Raksha Bandhan and why we celebrate? Raksha Bandhan celebrated even from long past from the Yuga of Mahabharata. The significance of this festival comes from the story of brother and sister relation from the story of Lord Krishna and sister Draupadi. Lord Krishna had an aunt named Shrutadevi who gave birth to a deformed child Shish pal and saints pronounced whoever makes him usual and healthy will get killed him at the end of the day.

History of Raksha Bandhan between Brother & Sister

On one day lord, Krishna visited and when he took the baby in his arms the child to be healthy. Then Shrutadevi happy to see the change but felt sad and asked Krishna that not to kill his child if he does any mistake, then Krishna replied that “he will forgive but on one condition if he exceeds the limit of his hundred sins he will get punished. Shish pal later became a king and increasingly cruel and many times he challenged even Krishna but one day he blamed Krishna in front of everyone in the Rajya Sabah which is his hundredth sin.

Lord Krishna with his Sudarshana chakra killed shish pal while killing with Sudarshana chakra, lord Krishna get wounded, everyone looking around to get something to tie, but Draupadi didn’t even think for a second, torn a bit of her sari and tied it around his fingers. Then Krishna spoke to Draupadi that you helped me when am in trouble, and assured that he will come whenever she is in difficult times. After this the tradition of Raksha Bandhan got started.

The story behind Rakhi Festival in India

Later when Kauravas try to insult Draupadi in their court by pulling her sari in front of the assembly and try to insult her, everyone silent even Pandavas stood numb. Then Draupadi prayed Lord Krishna for help. Finding Draupadi in trouble Krishna saved her and fulfilled his promise from then sisters tie Rakhi in return brothers give the promise to save the life. Shravan Masam other festivals also celebrated other than Raksha Bandhan. Some change their sacred thread so-called Jandhyala Pournami in Odisha and West Bengal celebrate Jhulan Purnima by keeping Radha and Krishna in the cradle, harvesting crop by end of monsoon so celebrating Kajari Purni, Kerala and Maharashtra celebrate Narali Purnima by praying Samudra Devta in these festivals the most celebrated Raksha Bandhan.

Happy RAKSHA BANDHAN to All My Dears…!


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