Google I/O 2024 Biggest Announcements Annual Development Conference


Google I/O 2024, Google’s biggest event of the Year that big day of Google has started today. The Google I/O is the Company’s annual developer’s conference that had its kick-off at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. It is the biggest meet of the year of the company which ends after a three-day event that runs from May 17 to May 19, 2024.

As we all are expecting a deluge of hot news and the latest announcements from Google through Google I/O 2024. If you can’t live stream the event but want to know the Key Announcements of Google I/, you’ve come to the right place. It’s really not that easy to keep up with every live update here but we’ll try updating every key announcement from Google I/O 2024.

Google I/O 2024, the company’s this year Installment has started yesterday. It is traditionally dominated by the announcements from Google divisions of Spectrum, Android, and other related Announcements. On the first day of the event, Google has concluded its I/O 2024 Keynote. The Company’s CEO Sundar Pichai along with executives designed the company’s future map for Google Assistant, Google Home, Android, Virtual reality, and much more.

Sundar Pichai kick-started the event with the announcement of Google’s products had more than one billion active users to date. He even made some mind-blogging company’s achievements to date as he said, Google Maps users navigate more than one billion miles per day. The user of Google Photos uploads 1.2 billion pictures per day. YouTube has billions of viewers who view more than one billion hours of video daily and today Android has over two billion active devices.

Sundar then announced that now the Smart reply is working for only the Gmail users starting today. He also announced the Google lens as a set of vision-based computer capabilities. The Google lens will show up on Google Photos and Google Assistant. The company stressed more on the announcements on what it wants to do instead of Skydiving Google Glass-wearers, major hardware, and giant phone giveaways announcements to wow the consumers.

There is much glean from this year’s Google’s annual Development Conference sharing of Sundar Pichai and other Googlers who presented on the Stage. Here are the biggest announcements and Important takeaways from the Google I/O keynote.

  •   Google Assistant, where it will have Google lens integration. It allows to include Assistant in any smart machine virtually for any manufacturer including drink mixers, washing machines, and many others. This can also roll out in many languages including Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, and many others over in this year.
  • Google Home will be launched in this summer in Australia, France, Canada, Germany, and Japan which will be additionally having proactive Assistance. The main announcement Google is hand-free calling on Google Home for free of cost.

  • The company has officially announced the partnerships with Deezer, Sound Cloud, and Spotify to make Google Homework better and announced the support of Bluetooth on Google Home.
  • It made an announcement that the company will work on Google Photos to remove obstructions on photos and will have suggested sharing starting today.
  • Google announced that YouTube will start supporting 360-degree video from today on television.
  • Google announced today kotlin language will be officially supported in Android as a new programming language.

  • Starting this summer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will include Day Dream Support where the upcoming LG flagship will have this feature as well.
  • Google announced today Android Go which optimizes the upcoming Android releases on low-end devices.

Here that’s all about yesterday’s key announcements of Google I/O 2024. Stay tuned to for more updates of Google’s Annual Development Conference Google I/O 2024 over the coming days.


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