Google Assistant features announced in Google I/O 2024


The new Google Assistant features make it a better experience for the users of my phone. The Google I/O 2024 conference has very exciting announcements for iPhone users especially those who are fed up and want a better version of iPhone Siri. The biggest announcement of Google I/O 2024 is Google Assistant by adding in numerous best features which will definitely expand AI’s reach in Google’s quest in the coming days.

To date, Google Assistant has more than 100 million active devices which have now become more easily accessible, more comfortable to use, more available, and ready to help its users.

The new update of Google Assistant had become better at multiple people interact with the same device. This would be the great move of Google which actually shows its concern for its customers.

Google Assistant is the first virtual digital Personal Assistant ever in Google’s History which is now made available on its devices of Android and Google’s Home Platforms. It has a unique Google Assistant feature which makes it better ever that Google added the ability to type or add text input to Google Assistant if you want to. This feature lowers the barriers and makes to access more wealth of information.

From now any manufacturer of the smart machine can include a Virtual Assistant which includes washing machines, drink mixers, and many others through Google Assistant SDK. Google Assistant has an even a more exciting and powerful features of Promising Image recognition Technology Google lens System as future leaders.

Google Assistant now will roll out in several new languages which included Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, and will even update more over this year. It is not just a product, it’s a platform which holds together all of Google devices.

Whatever the device you use a connected speaker, TV device, Smartwatch, Phone, or Car, the aim is to have you interact with Google Assistant to have a better experience.

Google is still working on Its Google Assistant to make it better and its features are yet to hit critical masses.


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