Coronavirus Cases Increases India begins Stage 3 Preparations


Coronavirus Stage 3 In India:- Day by day coronavirus cases have been increasing today it reached 885 cases. There may be changes to increases the Covid 19 virus cases in India. The government has been making all the measures to control the coronavirus. To face the coronavirus number of the preparation tips already began in various states such as Telangana, Delhi, and many other states. Stage 3 cases are such type majority people are unaware of the diseases. So there is chances to instant treat and notice to raise the number of cases. People should obey the govt rules and be restricted to homes until the luck downtime period is announced by the government. 21 days it means 3 weeks will make bright India if face with this problem successfully.

The government has to ramp the capacity of medical infrastructure to join 1000 positive cases at a time to test and treatment and isolation. However, the government has been taken all the measures to control the covid 19 and precautions to stay at home.

Coronavirus Stage 3 In India

In order to get the update of Indian covid 19 affected persons we are created one Whatsapp group and coronavirus update chart State wise and District Wise. People who are looking for the coronavirus Covid 19 update and precautions can follow us. you can also join our Whatsapp group for more coronavirus updates and be protected from covid 19. According to Scientists, There are three Stages they are

Stage 1 :- When the country receives imported Cases

Stage 2 :- When Persons can get infected from known sources such as the local transmission

Stage 3 :- Community Transmission when the sources of the diseases not known for the majority of the infected people. This would result in an increase the number of positive cases.
According to the current census, India has largely affected people having travel history which are arrived from various countries. The government was unable to record each and every person’s care. Try to concern the request of the government and notice if any symptoms are seen in your body.


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