Best Places to Visit In Karimnagar Telangana


Karimnagar is one of the beautiful city which is located In Telangana State. Most of the Nizams and Other Rulers Empire is formed from the Karimnagar. According to the Recent Serve Karimnagar is treated as Fourth-Largest and Fastest Growing Urban City in the Telangana State. Apart from that when we discuss the Best Places to visit in Karimnagar District They are Kotilingala IN Karimnagar District during the period of the Satavahana Dynasty. Elgandal Fort is one of the beautiful places to visit in Karimnagar which indicates our olden days’ Infrastructure.

Elgandal Fort is located near Manair River Approximately 10 Kilometers From Karimnagar. Nizam Empires are built such type buildings like Charminar, Golkonda Fort, Elgandal Fort, …etc. These all are the True assets of the Mughal Empire in the ruling of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty.

Kaman Junction In Karimnagar

Karimnagar District Kaman Junction Key place of Karimnagar

The Kaman Junction is the Key place of the Karimnagar District. We can also say it as a Centre of attraction. Kaman Junction is situated near Bus Stand. All the Ways located in the Karimnagar District are connected to Kaman Junction as it shows as Centre of Attraction.

Ujwala Park In Karimnagar

Ujwala Park is the best place to spend time. The Ujwala Park is located out of the Site towards the Vemulawada Bypass Road. Rampur. Most of the Best gardening and creative wall posters are shown in the Garden. To get relaxation and Spend time for hours you must visit Ujwala Park.

Deer Park to Visit In Karimnagar

The word it self-says Deer Park about the see Deers. As we know Deers look good and Pretty and we cannot be normal in our areas. So travellers who are animal lovers must and should deer park. In Deer Park some other animals, birds and beautiful nature you can see it.

Lower Manair Dam LMD In Karimnagar

The Lower Manair Dam is also called LMD which was Constructed across the Manair River near Alugunur Village. The Construction work for the LMD is started in 1974 and completed in Year 1985. the main vision of the Construction of the Maniar Dam is to store the Water and provide the water For Kakatiya Canal and Regulates Flow For Irrigation. There is also some of the Best projects in the Telangana State like the Sriram Sagar Project, Upper manager Dam. Kadam Project, Nizam Sagar, ..etc.

District Archaeological Museum

This Museum is located near Karimnagar Bus stand. Most of the New people who visited the Karimnagar must and should see the Archaeological Museum. Some of the Best and Oldest Scripts and statues.

There are also some other places to visit like Indira Bhavan, Gandhi Statue, …etc. Travelers can check out the Prathima Multiflex to spend time and Peakcock restaurant one of the best places to take food in Karimnagar District.


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