Accounting Standard AS 3 Cash Flow Statements Revised PDF Download


Accounting Standard AS 3 – Cash Flow Statements PDF Download:- The Cash Flow Statements has issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI. The Accounting Standard AS 3 ( Cash Flow Statement) came into effective from 1st April 1997. The AS 3 is not applicable to small and Medium Scale industries. AS 3 is help in the providing information about the cash flow transactions and cash analysis in the spending at various items. Now a days cash is important term to run any business. So aspirants analysis of Cash flow statements is mandatory for the Large Scale Industries in order to avoid the unnecessary investments and cash transactions.

Accounting Standard 3 PDF Download For Cash Receipts from Royalties, Fees, Commissions and Other Revenues are Covered under the AS 3 Cash Flow Statement ICAI. Candidates can also download the Accounting Standards 3 PPT ( Power Point Presentations). For Better Information about the AS 3 Revised Schedule can analyzed.

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Accounting Standard AS 3 Cash Flow Statements

A cash flow statements is used as Conjunction with the other Financial Statements. The Cash Flow Statement (AS 3) provides information about the Net Assets of an Enterprise its Financial Structure and Its Ability to Affect the Amounts and timing of Cash Flows. Cash Flow Statements compares the Present and Future cash flow differences. The Historical Cash Flow Statements help in the Accuracy of Past Assessments of Future Cash Flows in the Examining the relationship between profitability and net cash flow and the impact of changing prices.

Accounting Standard AS 3 – Cash Flow Statements is categorized into 3 types

The Cash Flow Statements of AS 3 is broadly classified as three types. Below we given brief Description about the Accounting Standard AS 3 Cash Flow Statements.

  • Cash Flows From Operating Activities.
  • Cash Flows From Investing Activities.
  • Cash Flows From Financing Activities.

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Cash From Operating Activities

A revenue flow from the daily activities is called operating activities of the Enterprises. Cash Flows from the Operating activities is the main source of revenue for the Business Concern. Here we provide the brief explanation about the Cash Flow Statements related to Operating Activities.

  • Cash received from the sale of the Commodities.
  • Cash received from providing services.
  • Cash Paid For Purchase of Raw Materials.
  • Cash received from Commission, Royalties, Funds, ..etc.
  • Payment of company Expenses like wages, salaries and Commission .etc.
  • payment of Refund of Tax.

Cash From Investing Activities

Accounting Standard AS 3 Cash Flow Statements is plays crucial role in the Investing Activities. In Simple words Cash Flow From Investing Activities means some of money invested as long term Investments for Purchase of Assets is known as Investing Activities. Some of the companies also invest out of the business for profit motive is also treated as Cash Flow From Investing Activities.

  • Cash Paid for purchase of Machinery.
  • Cash Paid For purchased of Investment.
  • Cash received on sale of the Assets.
  • Cash received on sale of the Investments.

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Cash Flow From Financial Activities

AS 3 Cash Flow Statements related to the Financing Activities helps in analyzing the Cash Transactions. The Cash Flow Financing Activities for arrange of capital and other sources of Business. Below we updated Cash Flow Statements Financial Activities detailed information with examples.

  • Cash Proceeds for issue of Shares or Debentures and Other Debt Instruments.
  • Cash Paid Redemption of Debentures.
  • Cash Paid for buyback of shares.
  • Profits used for Payment of Dividend on Shares and Interest to Debenture Holders and Other Long Term debts.


Presentation of a Cash Flow Statements AS 3

Accosting Standard As 3 Cash Flow Statements is present during the period classified by the three activities. Every enterprises presents the Cash Flows Statements from Operating, Investing & Financing Activities in a systematic manner. Classification of the Cash Flow Activities informs the assess to analysis the cash and Cash Equivalents transactions.

AS 3 Applicability Cash Flow Statements

Accounting Standards 3 applicability to Large Scale Industries. Small and Medium Scale Industries will be an are ignored or not mandatory for the preparation of the Cash Flow Statements. Applicability of accounting Standards to Companies, SMC, …etc. is checked through the Accounting Standards Applicability Table. Here we also provides the Applicability of Accounting standards to Non Corporate Entities.

Here we explained some of the frequently asked questions by us to better understanding of the Cash Flow Statements.

What is mean by Cash ?

  • Cash Comprises the Cash on hand and Demand Deposits with banks and Other Financial Institutions for the present liquidations.

What is Mean by Cash Equivalents ?

  • Cash Equivalents means any short term investments or which can be easily converted into cash is called as Cash Equivalents.

What is Cash Flows ?

  • In Simply words the cash Inflow and Outflow for Cash and Cash Equivalent Transactions is provided.

Reporting Cash Flow Statements From Operating, Investing & Financing Activities

The Reporting Cash Flows system is based on the two Methods. They are

  • Direct Method Cash Flow Statements Reporting.
  • Indirect Method Cash Flow Statements Reporting.

Direct Method:- The Cash Flow Statements for Direct Method is gross Cash Receipts and Gross Cash Payments will be Disclosed. This method is very easy to calculate the Cash Flow Statements.

Indirect Method:- The Direct Method of the Cash Flow Statements helps in Net Profit or Loss analysis for non cash Nature or accruals of Past and Future Operating Cash Payments and Receipts. The Cash Flow Statements Income & Expenditure is related to the investing Point of View.

Foreign Currency Cash Flows

Some of the MNC Companies deal with the Foreign Currency for reporting Currency transactions. In order to avoid the Currency accuracy we have prepare the A rate approximates on to date of the Cash Amount is considered as a Cash Flow Statements reporting. The Changes in the Cash Rates and Future amounts should be treated as on date of the Currency rate and reconciliations of the Changes in the Cash and Cash Equivalents are done on day of the Exchange Rate for recording in the Cash Flow statements.

Interest and Dividends

Cash Flows from Interest and Dividends are fluctuated as per the Payable interest and Out of Profits. Main casually question arises in the Cash Flow Statements For Interest Paid and Dividends Paid for Financing Activities and Financing Resources.

Candidates can also download the Accounting Standards AS 3 Cash Flow Statements PDF Format. Here better understanding and aware of the cash flow statements with problems PDF download online For Free. we updated some of the AS 3 Cash Flow Statement Problems along with solutions in PDF. Students can download the all the Accounting Standards AS 3 Cash Flow Statements by just clicking the link given below.

AS 3 Cash Flow Statement PDF download Click Here
Accounting Standards AS 3 Cash Flow Statements By ICAI PDF Download Click Here

Here we provide all the Indian Accounting Standards information. Aspirants if any doubt about any accounting Standards of Ind issued by ICAI by just clicking the link given below.

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29 AS 29 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets Check Here


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