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JNTUK  R20 1-1 Mathematics study Material: Hello Aspirants here is the Good News for the Aspirants who are the Aspirants of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTUK). JNTUK is for the B. Tech Courses Wards who are the Applicants, Who are willing to prepare hard for the Exam, will have a chance of preparing well for the Exam, Candidates who want to Download JNTUK R20 1-1 Mathematics Study Material must refer to the below page. Wards who are the Willing to score the Good Marks in the Each subject must have a chance of the getting the scope of top-end Marks must refer to the below-provided guidelines to know what & what is the Subject, What marks are allotted to What Category of Marks, are allotted to the Candidate, Subject wise will be provided in the below page.

In the below post we are getting the Complete Information related to the JNTUK Mathematics R20 Contenders who want to know full-fledged Information, must refer to the below.

Download JNTUIK Mathematics Subject Syllabus 2023

Wards who are running out of the Marks, are who wish that the Marks are having the major Criteria, of Marks must refer to the below Article What is the subject what is the Subject which Candidates want to get the Inner details must refer to the below page. Mathematics is a Huge Ocean like the subject, wards who want to Download JNTUK Mathematics subject wise must refer to the below page. Contenders who want to know more other subject details must refer to the below.

JNTUK Mathematics Subject Wise PDF 

Name of The Organization  Jawaharlal Nehru  Technology University JNTUK
Name of The Courses  E.E.E, C.EC, M.E
Category  Subject wise PDF
Study Material  Available
Official website  jntuk.ac.in

 JNTUK B.Tech Mathematics 1st Sem Wise Syllabus

Hello, Aspirants here is the Good News for the Aspirants who are waiting for getting the JNTUK B. Tech Mathematics 1st Semester Syllabus Unit wise is provided below.

Unit 1: Sequence Series 

Basic Definitions of sequence and series- Convergences and divergences Ratio Test Comparison Test Integral Test Cauchy’s root, Test Rabbes Test, Absolute, and Conditional Convergence

Unit 2: Functions of Single Variable 

Rolle’s Theorem Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem Cauchy’s mean value Theorem Generalized Mean Value Theorem (all Theorem without proof) Functions of Several Variables Functional dependence Jacabian Maxima and Minima of Functions of Two Variables with Constraints & without Constraints.

Unit 3 Application of Single Variables 

Radius Center, and Circle of Curvature Evaluates and Envelopes cartesian and polar Coordinators multiple Integrals double and Triple Integrals chance of Order of Integration change. of Variable.

Unit 4: Integration of its Application

Riemann Sums, Integral Representation for lengths Areas, Volumes & Surfaces Cartesian and Polar Coordinates multiple Integrals double and Triple Integrals Change of order of Integration of Variable.

 Unit 5 Differential equations of First Order and their Applications

Overview of differential equations of second & higher order with a constant coefficient term of type F(x) sin ax cos ax and xn, e ax, V (x)  method of parameters Applications bending of beams Electrical circuits, simple harmonic motion.

Unit 6: Higher Order Linear Differential Equations and their Application 

Linear differential equations of second and higher-order with Constant co-efficient term of type F (X) =eax Sin ax Cos ax & Xn, e ax V(x) method Variation of Parameters Applications Law of Natural Law of Cooling Law of Natural Growth & Decay, orthogonal trajectories and Applications

Unit 7: Laplace Transform and its Application To Ordinary Differential

Laplace Transform of Standard Functions Inverse Transform First Shifting Theorem, Transforms of derivatives. and Integrals Dirac’s Delta Function Convolution Theorem, Periodic Function, Differential Integration of Transforms Application of Laplace Transforms to ordinary differential Equations.

Unit 8: Vector calculus 

Vector calculus Gradient, Divergence Curi and their related properties Laplacian, and Second-order operator, Line Integral, work is done surface and Integrals Flux of a Vector-Valued Function. Vector Integrals Theorems stoke and Gauss Divergence Theorem Statement?& Their Verification.


1 Engineering Mathematics  P.B Bhaskara Rao SKVS Rama Chary M. Bhuganga Rao

2 Engineering Mathematics  C Shankaraia VGS Booklinks.

1 Engineering Mathematics: By  T.K V. Iyengar, B. Krishna Gandhi & others S. Chandu

2 Engineering Mathematics :By S. Chandra Shekar prison Books PVT ltd.

3 Higher Engineering Mathematics: By B.S Grewal Khan Publication.

4 Advanced Engineering Mathematics: By Jain S.R.K Iyengar, Narosa Publications.

5 Engineering Mathematics: By G Shankar Roa & others I.K. International Publications.

Steps To Download JNTUK Maths B.Tech 1st Year Material PDF

  • Firstly Candidates must log in to the Official website jntuk.ac.in
  • Directly on The Home page
  • Click on The Study Material Link
  • Then Click on Download / Proceed Button.
  • Then Study Material of Mathematics PDF B.Tech 1st year is Released
  • Download The Material PDF.
  • Go Through the Material to get the above 75% and at the same time pass percentage too.

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