Interesting Facts About Indian Army Navy, Air Force, Assam Rifles


Interesting Facts About Indian Army Navy, Air Force, Assam Rifles: Nowadays All Over Indian Peoples are Enjoying their Lives without Tension and Worries. Because the Indian Armed Forces have Securing our Life. Fighting Terrorism and illegal Activities at the Boarder and in India also. If there is Know Indian Armed Forces we can’t Live Better. So we all Respect Our Brave Soldiers. Now we can Discuss Interesting Facts About the Indian Army Navy, Air Force, Assam Rifles. The Indian Army is the Largest Component of the Indian Armed Forces. So Sincere thanks to our Indian Army that India still maintains the Status of Loud and Proud.

1. Agni and Prithvi are the 2 Most Accurate Nuclear-Capable Basaltic Missiles in the World.

2. HAWS (High Altitude Warfare School) is considered one of the most Elite Training Centers in the World.

3. The Oldest Paramilitary Force of Indian Armed Forces is “Assam Rifles”. Which was Formed in 1835.

4. Indian Army Train Foreign Armies Like US, UK, Russia in the Indian Training Centers. Mostly they Trained in Dehradun and Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School.

5. Bailey Bridge is the Highest Altitude Bridge in the Word and It’s built by the Indian Army. And It’s Located in Ladakh Valley.

6. In this World, the Indian Army is the Biggest Voluntary Military Force.

7. The Oldest Regiment of the Indian Army is the “President’s Bodyguards”.

8. Sam Manekshaw an alumnus of the IMA was the first in India to become a Field Marshal.

9. Indian Army Carried out one of the Biggest Civilian Rescue Operation “Operation Rahat” in the 2013 Year help of the Indian Air Force.

10. Indian Army Controls the Highest Battlefields in the World the Siachen Glacier. It’s 5000 Meters above sea level.

Interesting Facts About Indian Army Navy, Air Force, Assam Rifles

Read this Article Carefully, because we have written about the Indian Army. Here we write the Secrets and Unknown Facts About Indian Armed Forces. Below Available the GK Facts about the Indian Army, 10 Points about the Indian Army, Things to Know about the Indian Army.


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