COVID 19 E Pass Apply Online {State Wise}


COVID 19 E pass Apply Online State Wise: Aspirants all know from the Month of January, the total world is facing an Epidemic Disease which started its wings in China, and now this disease spread his wings all over the World. Total World is in recession, due to this Corona. Most of the Poor people and Daily Laborers are facing many issues due to this Corona Effect. All the States, All the Nations, are working together with different measures fighting to Eradicate this Corona from all over the world. All the topmost Doctors are Working to create an Antidote to end the COVID 19 Virus. Even the PM and President of every nation are taking Innovate steps, to Eradicate COVID 19. The Main step which has been taken by all the Nations and States is Lockdown for Constructive periods.

Lockdown: Lockdown social Boycott, of Society by the General Public and all VIPS & VVIP in simple Lockdown by Rich and poor on one stream is known as Lockdown. In India Lockdown is for 21 days it may or may not Extend, depending on the Situation.

COVID 19 E Pass Apply Online

As we all knew that India is Lockdown for 21 Days. All Candidates are Under Jonatha Curfue they are not allowed to move on roads, no Group Chating, The only Slogan by our Indian Government is stay Home, Stay Safe. But All time it is not possible for a person to stay at home, without moving outside. But During the Curfue Police has given the r to Arrest Public who move on Road without Warrant. Needs of Public Right To Movement is the Fundamental Right given by the Constitution. To protect such Right of Individual and make Police Department Work Easy. Our Government has Introduced Epass System to all the Citizen of India.

What is COVID 19 EPASS Online

Epass is nothing but any Pass which is given to Every individual in the state-issued by the Government Authority, it is simply a Permission letter to move on Roads for their Daily Routine work in a day, in a Prescribed time. While Moving on Roads Aspirants or pass Holders must show this Pass to the Police and let them know the Reason for Moving out, so General Public are free from Arrest.

Overview of Corona E PASS 2021 Online

The Overview of the Corona Epass is prescribed in the below.

Organisation  Government of India
Name of The Services Curfew E_ Pass
Time Duration  21 Days
Category  Corona Curfew Online Pass
Status  Available
Official Website  As per the respected state


Corona Curfew Online Pass India 

Here in the below we are getting the Procedure of getting the Corona Epass for 21 days. Wards who want to get the Procedure of Downloading the Corona Curfew E pass must refer to the below Online Procedure. The Links for getting the Corona Online Pass for 21 days the Links are given below.

Curfew E Pass Essential List 

There are more Service Providers in our state so this Epass will help for such Candidates to go or do on their work so such service Providers must have this COVID 19 Epass. Such services are like

  • Law & order and Magisterial Duties
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Food Supply
  • Government Health Worker (Govt Doctors/ Health Official)
  • Treasury
  • Urban Local Bodies & Rural Development
  • Public Bank Employee
  • IT/ ITES/ Telcom
  • Postal Services
  • Media
  • Bank/ ATM Visit
  • Patient
  • Death Case
  • Essential Supply Transportation
  • Essential Supply Distribution
  • Other Govt Employees
  • Essential Items Manufacturing
  • Private Health Practitioner
  • Private Bank Employee
  • Miscellaneous
  • Private Telecom/ Internet Services
  • Private Courier

Details Required To Obtain E Pass

The Basic Details are required to Obtain COVID19 Epass, the Major details which are need to Obtain COVID 19 EPASS or given below.

  • Applicants District
  • Applicants Village Town Name
  • Aspirants Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Government ID ( Adhar Card, or Voter ID Card)
  • or any other Required Documents like RC Book
  • And other details

COVID 19 E Pass Apply Online State Wise

The COVID 19 Epass is provided for each state, there are different website links, for different states, there are different links.

State Name  Online E pass Website Link 
Delhi Click Here
Gurugram Click Here
Haryana Click Here
Uttar Pradesh Click Here
Madhya Pradesh Click Here
Jharkhand Click Here
Uttarkhand Click Here
Kolkata Click Here
Assam Click Here
Chandigarh Click Here
Punjab Click Here
Goa Click Here
Himachal Pradesh Click Here
Tamil Nadu Click Here
Kerala Click Here
Maharashtra Click Here
Rajasthan Click Here
Bihar For Kathar Apply
West Bengal Updated soon
Karnataka KSP Clear Pass for Individual

KSP Clear Pas for Organisation

Gujarat Click Here
Andhra Pradesh Click Here
Odisha Click Here
Telangana Emergency Allowed without pas
Chhattisgarh Click Here


The General Public all over the World having different FAQUS, for different people on COVID 19 the Media is also not providing the Aqurate or related information. As per Aspirants we are providing or Clarifying some the website viewers are given below.

1 Do Medical Staff Need COVID 19 E Pass?

ANS: No the Doctors working for society on COVID 19 issues so no pass  is  need for Medical Staff.

02 Will Bank ATMS will Work During Lock Down? 

ANS: All Banks ATMS Work during the Lockdown.

03 Do Patients Need COVID 19 EPASS?

ANS: Yes Patients need COVID 19 Epass, but in case of Emergency.

IS this COVID 19 Epass Applicable to Karnataka State?

ANS: Yes this COVID 19 PASS is Applicable to all States Including Karnataka also.

Steps To Apply for the COVID 19 Online EPASS

To help the Candidates here we are getting the Easy way of steps, for Downloading of the COVID 19 EPASS.

  • Candidates must Login to the Official website
  • Home Page will be displayed in that click on EPASS Link.
  • Select Our State
  • Click on the Register Button
  • Fill the Respective Application Form
  • After Submission of Application Form u will get the COVID 19 EPASS.

List of COVID 19 Cases All Over India 

To inform the Contenders how serious Corona Virus (COVID 19) is here we are getting the Complete COVID 19 relevant details in the below Link. Interested Contenders who want to Know, what is the status of Corona Cases here we are getting, in the below.

Note: From our End small Request from the End, ” State Home Stay Safe”


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